Cute Maxi Dress In Summer For Fashionable Women

Summer is here and it is a hot one! When the weather gets warm, I’m always on the lookout for easy, breezy dresses and things I can wear that are simple and carefree. This year, I got into wearing maxi dresses ALL THE TIME! I know I’m probably behind the times, but I never had a good experience with maxis when I would try them on years ago. I used to hate them because I felt like they were too much material, but the new styles of lightweight cotton maxi dresses are perfect for warm days.  It’s so easy to slip on a maxi dress when you have no idea what to wear and you’ll easily look like a million bucks with minimal effort. I wear my maxi dresses when I’m out shopping, running errands, taking the kids to school, or meeting a friend for lunch. It’s so much easier to slip on a maxi dress and sandals and look polished and put-together, rather than having to come up with an entire outfit! Who has time for that? Just recently, I bought an adorable maxi dress at Lily Boutique that was a steal! I received so many compliments from my friends when we met for lunch the other day- and they couldn’t believe it was less than $50. This is my new favorite wardrobe piece. I like to pair mine with wedges or flat sandals when I’m out running around.

Another place I love to wear a maxi dress is when I’m traveling. A cotton maxi dress is perfect to wear with flat sandals to the airport when you’re catching a flight somewhere. They are easy to move around in- like sweatpants- but you’ll look so much more stylish and put-together! Pairing a maxi with sandals is an easy way to get through airport security in a breeze too! And don’t forget to pack a few maxi dresses if you’re going somewhere warm on vacation. I recently bought a maxi dress that looks perfect worn as a swimsuit cover-up. I throw it on over my bathing suit and then I’m good to go shopping or eating on the boardwalk without looking like a beach bum. The floor length style also manages to perfectly hide any imperfections or insecurities you might be worried about!

Maxi dresses don’t always have to be casual though- they can be as dressy and formal as you want them to be. I’ve recently been noticing a trend of maxi dresses being used as bridesmaids dresses at weddings. The floor length adds a much more formal and sophisticated look to a black-tie wedding than shorter, more casual bridesmaid dresses. Choose a maxi bridesmaid dress with beading and embellishments to make your special day extra special! On Pinterest I’ve been seeing a trend of mixing and matching different colors of maxi bridesmaid dresses- and it is absolutely gorgeous! I love the combination of a neutral like grey or taupe mixed with a color like purple, pink, or red. I’ve also seen various shades of purple and pink used for bridesmaid dresses. You can certainly mix and match colors of shorter bridesmaid dresses, but the floor length maxis create such a bold, dramatic statement!

Wedding guests also tend to opt for maxi dresses and formal gowns for black tie weddings. I’m one of those people who reads an invitation and has absolutely no clue what to wear! Am I supposed to dress casually? It is more formal? What the heck is the difference between black tie and white tie? One thing I absolutely love is a high-low maxi dress. High low maxi dresses are longer in the back and shorter in the front. This style of dress is the perfect combination of casual and formal when you have no clue how to dress for a wedding!

Well, hopefully I’ve given you some ideas on how to wear maxi dresses this summer. If it isn’t clear yet, I’m OBSESSED with maxi dresses for Summer 2018! I’m glad I discovered this style of dresses this year and finally warmed up to them, because they are now my new wardrobe staple. Where do you like to wear your summer maxis?

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