Waffle towels & other popular uses of linen around the house

For centuries, linen has been a staple in terms of coziness, homeliness, and warmth. It is  material that almost everyone knows and appreciates. So, that is why we decided to dedicate an article for linen and how it can be used around the house. In fact, the benefits and unique nature of the material are so exclusive, that linen waffle towels and many other items are great additions to the home. What are these items? Let’s check it out!

Linen curtains

They are breathable, have great wicking properties and both feel as well as look natural. For a while now, many decorators have been embracing the addition of linen curtains to retro or vintage-inspired, urban environment apartments as well as country-style homes.

Linen is very versatile as a choice of decorative material. You can choose from many different colors, and the natural appearance of linen will be a worthwhile addition wherever you live. These can be a great chic choice for a decent price. Don’t overspend but have something beautiful in any room – that is a deal that everyone can appreciate.

Waffle towels

Both lightweight and very functional. When it comes to wicking and moisture absorption, it really can’t get much better than waffle towels made from linen. Waffle towels describe a particular woven pattern that resembles that of a waffle. It provides extra absorption properties due to the clever distribution of the fibers.

If you use a linen waffle bath towel, you can expect to dry off quick and feel like you’re in a SPA while you’re doing it. It’s a great gift for someone you care, too.


Apart from silk, linen bed sheets have probably been the most luxurious choice for any European royal, and actually the preferred choice in Nordic European countries. Linen tends to get more supple and soft after washing, hence the sheets feel even better over time.

As a duvet cover, a pillowcase or any kind of bed sheet, linen items show amazing qualities. They allow your body to breathe, meaning that you don’t get too hot. And even if you do, it absorbs the moisture and wicks it away without absorbing odors.

Smaller kitchen & tea towels

Linen tea towels and linen kitchen towels are not just functional. They’re very cute and cozy. Whenever you want to combine great function with great aesthetics in your home, these two should be your first choice. They’re small, hence cheaper than larger items. In addition, you can use them to set up tables and to dry off spills or clean things up.

Table runners

If you’re hosting, you might be familiar with the stress or challenge that it might pose. One of the more unique tasks of hosting is setting up the table. In order to do it in an aesthetically pleasing and functional way, you need the right accessories and items. Table runners come to mind first. Made from linen, table runners will provide a rustic and authentic feel to wherever you place them. Blending chic and vintage is what they do best and that’s what almost anyone can appreciate.

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