Can a beach towel be an interesting marketing tool?

All of us love a relaxed day at the beach. There is always something very inviting about lying around in the sand or playing in the water, soaking up the sun and just having a good day off. There are certain things that you need to carry with you when you are planning a visit to the beach. Spades and shovels are optional, but something that everyone will carry is a beach towel.

Beach towel, as a marketing tool

  1. Beach towels are fluffy and comfortable to wipe with, and you can see everyone at the beach having one. Have you ever considered that apart from using it to towel yourself, you could use it to promote your company? The idea may seem quaint at first, but actually it will definitely work. There are always a lot of people at the beach, and all of them are bound to read what is written on your towel as long as the design and font catch the eye. More importantly, the people who will read the name of your company on your beach towel may otherwise never come across your company in the course of their lives, so it is actually a great advertising strategy, and one that is much cheaper than billboards and television advertisements!

  2. What is more, it need not just be for advertising. You can get beach towels that commemorate a particular occasion, like your company’s retreat, or an important event. Basically, you can get personalized towels for just about anything.

  3. Apart from being a great tool for advertisements, sometimes you can even give these towels away as gifts. You can ask the company to print a particular design along with a funny or witty caption, and they will make great gifts.

Which towels to use for marketing?

There are companies that will provide wholesale towels that can be personalized by you, exactly as per your requirement. Also, the stock designs will make the process of personalizing your beach towels fast and very simple. There are also different kinds of towels that can be used for the process. You can get towels in basic colors, striped towels and even plain white ones. All of them are made from a hundred per cent cotton, and you can choose the weight you are comfortable with, ranging from light to heavy.

How to get a beach towel customized?

  • If you are not sure of what exactly you want but you have a vague idea, you can approach these customization companies and explain what sort of theme you require. After this, you will get a design and if you are not satisfied with it, you can get it changed and make sure that you get what you are looking for.

  • Using silkscreen or embroidery, the companies will make beach towels that are promotional and will greatly help your company, whether it is large or small.

  • Some companies have perfected the art of tone-on-tone printing, which means you can really get your towels to stand out, with designs that are subtle but unique. Your employees will definitely appreciate the quality of towels, and you will be handing them something that they can use and they will be marketing your company in the process!

Final Say

Bottom line, beach towels are capable of doing much more than what you think they are intended to do!

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