Many ladies always find coordinating an outfit with the perfect jewelry challenging, with others choosing to spend hours in the mirror finding the ideal match. A wrong choice of jewelry can ruin the whole outfit. Here is are the tips and tricks on how to coordinate any outfit with the perfect jewelry.

The jewelry should align with the occasion.

When accessorizing your outfit, the occasion determines your choice of jewelry. For instance, dangling bracelets or any other wrist jewelry will be a distraction as you type on the keyboard at the office so, it is not suitable for office wear. If you plan to do a lot of typing in the office, you might want to skip hanging bracelets and bangles. Again, the jewelry you wear to church is not the same one you wear for an evening party in the club. Ensure you consider the occasion when choosing the type of jewelry to wear.

Statement earrings highlight the face.

You may wear a fancy outfit, but people may not even notice your face. If you want to highlight your facial features, accessorize your outfit with statement earrings that make your face the star of the show, for instance, flashy or glittering earrings that highlight your eyes. When choosing the earrings, consider your face’s shape and select a pair that will bring out the facial features that make you unique. For instance, a heart-shaped face goes well with Silver Drop Earrings that do not taper at the bottom. Oval faces go well with triangular-shaped earrings to show off the cheekbones or studs.

Choose jewelry that matches your skin tone

Your choice of jewelry should also highlight your skin tone. For instance, jewelry made of gold metal coordinates with matte or darker skin tones. On the other hand, silver metal highlights natural skin tones. If you consider gems, cooler skin tones match red, blue, and purple gems, while warmer skin tones go well with yellow, green, and orange gemstones. White gold is also a perfect metal choice for darker skin tones.

Busy patterns for simple jewelry

If the outfit’s material is heavy, consider wearing simple jewelry to avoid a loud look. Again jewelry with busy patterns can muddy a busy print regardless of how fancy it looks. Go for solid bracelets, necklaces, and earrings rather than showy ones.

Make diamonds, your best friend.

Diamonds have been a precious gem since their discovery thousands of years ago. When you are unsure of what jewelry to go with what outfit, go for an accessory studded with a diamond. You can never go wrong with diamonds, especially the plain colored ones. Diamonds match with any outfit. For instance, a classic white diamond appears as a prism when exposed to light exposing all the beautiful colors that make it up.

Gold with black and white

A classic and simple attire coordinates with gold or black jewelry to bring out a simple but powerful fashion statement. For instance, a cocktail little black dress matches with bright gold jewelry. Or a simple flat dress goes well with black or gold metal jewelry, be it a bracelet, necklace, or earrings.


You need a lot of information and insights to be able to match any outfit with the perfect jewelry like a fashionista. Fortunately, you now have a few insights that will save you some time off the mirror.

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