Everything you need to know about collarless shirts

Men’s fashion is not immune to trends, and you would struggle not to have noticed one of the biggest trends of this year, the collarless shirt.

A shirt with no collar is quite an eye-catching statement and it’s undoubtedly pretty cool compared to the white, button-down collar. And as with many fashions, the style is not new. Collarless shirts have been around for some time but they’re finding their way centre stage again as a serious alternative to both casual collared shirts, and more formal dress shirts.

So what is a collarless shirt

For a while in the early 20th century, collars were made separately from the shirts which meant that men could own fewer shirts, particularly dress shirts; collars could be washed separately, and more regularly. It became a popular style that just buttoned up to the neck with both blue and white collar workers. Blue collar workers did not wear ties for safety reasons in the factories and having the shirts that did not need a collar were a great asset.

Detachable collars have not really travelled through time but the shirts without collars have grown in popularity and now make a slightly rebellious statement; business dress for men would normally still include a tie, but omitting the collar make a tie impossible.

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Something your grandad would wear

Few of us would consider our grandfathers as fashion icons but the collarless shirt is also known as a granddad shirt. In those days, the connotations of blue and white collars were much stronger and implications spilled over into other parts of life. Distinctions are far less important today and the collarless shirt continues to blur the line between smart and casual. Leave a couple of upper buttons undone and team with a cardigan and jeans or chinos for a casual but stylish look, or button up and add a blazer for a smarter option.

Trends will come and go so if you’re a traditionalist that likes to wear a tie, something else is likely to come into fashion soon.

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