5 Hair Extension Tricks No One Tells You About – Yet are a Necessity

Hair extensions have become every woman’s go-to solution for a bad hair day, switching up a look, volume and length addition, or simply protecting natural hair. Overally, hair extensions boost a woman’s look. Human hair extensions are also becoming cheaper by the day, making it easier for everyone to rock this stunning styling option without breaking the bank. When it comes to hair extensions, is trickles down to how well you wear it. Not giving your hairpiece the attention and time it requires could easily make you look fake and ridiculous, as opposed to the gorgeous look it should create. The Top 5 hair extension tricks shared in this article will help you look absolutely stunning!

Achieving a long-lasting hold

To add a little bit of texture and grip, gently backcomb and tease your extension before clipping it in. A backcombing brush comes in handy in this method. Alternatively, you can spray a generous amount of volume powder before going in with your backcomb. This helps the strands to stay in place and takes care of flyaways.

Blending your hair extension

The first step involves clipping in the extension. Once it securely helps in place, use an extension brush to blend in your real hair with your extension. The trick here is to strengthen your hair into the extension. Exercise absolute care when doing this as high temperatures damage natural hair or extension and its effects are irreversible. Be sure to have your heat styling toolset at its lowest temperature. Be temperate! You are free to curl your hair in your desired style, making sure both your natural hair and your extension’s strands are being curled at the same temperature. This step guarantees a perfect blend between your hair extension and your natural hair.

Achieving a natural look

Sometimes, the angle at which hair extensions are clipped in result in a fake looking hairline. To counter this, you’ll need to clip your extension at an angle that results in a softer, more natural look. Rather than clipping your extension in a dead straight format, shift it a little so that you get to clip it in in a tilted position. Trial and error are highly encouraged in this process.

Hiding the extension

There are times you’ll notice some annoying, short hair strands sticking out from the lower side of your hair. These instantly give away the fact that you are wearing a hair extension. The trick for this is to simply twist a small section of your hair around the nape of your neck and pin it in place. Go ahead and clip your extension on top of this knot to hide it away. Once you are done with styling, you’ll notice that there won’t be any annoying hair around your neck. Nobody ever gets to know the actual length of your hair!

Close Clipping

Clipping your extensions very close together comes in handy for ladies with short hair. Not only does it achieve a blended look, but also gives a natural finish. This trick works for those looking to achieve voluminous hair as well. So if blending is a headache for you, you are better off implementing this tip.

Bonus Tip: Clip your hair extension upside down

For a voluminous ponytail updo, clipping your extensions in an upside position instantly adds volume to your hair. Simply clip it in underneath a hair layer in an upside position. To easily achieve this, part your hair into a top and bottom layer using a teasing comb. Secure the top section in position and then gently tease the hair close to the roots. Place your clips at an angle ( for a realistic look) and then style your hair as desired.


We hope these tips will help you achieve a natural looking updo, even if you are a beginner at hair extensions. They are very easy to follow through, and should not make your experience a nightmare. The most important thing is to make sure your hair is fully blended with your extension to achieve a flawless look. So pay attention to your hair when installing extensions and styling them.

Imagine the excitement that comes with owning a new hairpiece only for you to try it out and realize it is showing! Sometimes the method used to install may be inappropriate resulting in an awkward, unnatural look. Be careful about such mistakes, because you could easily end up thinking you got a raw deal. Hair extensions should boost your overall look, not bring it down. If you implement the simple tips and trick shared in this article, you can be sure to end up looking like the gorgeous goddess you are, and even forget that hair extension fails exist!

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