How to choose jewelry for the wedding?   

All women know how much detail and accessories are important everyday. Of course, for our wedding, we want to pay them special attention.

In many cases, jewelry is the perfect way to give a touch of brilliance and distinction to the wedding dress. When defining the look of the wedding and the accessories, it is always important to maintain a certain harmony.

To choose the jewelry that you will wear the day of your wedding, you will have to take into account the hairstyle and the wedding dress.

  • If your dress has a pronounced décolleté, choose a medium jewel that does not denote by its size. The goal is to achieve a harmonious neckline.
  • For a dress without neckline or very little, the best is to give up the idea of ​​a good design necklace and only wear earrings of medium or small size. This will give you the right amount of light to the face.
  • If you have tied hair and a pronounced décolleté, you can wear big earrings and a small pendant. The earrings will bring out your face. A simple necklace will visually lengthen your neck.
  • If you have long, loose or half-attached hair, you can opt for more eye-catching earrings and a more discreet pendant.
  • If your dress has shimmers is very elaborate, it is better to opt for simple jewelry, neither too loaded, nor too bright.
  • White gold, platinum and silver are reserved for white dresses that they are as they are, with pearls, pure with diamonds.
  • Ivory and champagne tones prefer gilded jewelry.
  • Hair pins are back in fashion. Wear one if the style suits you and your wedding dress.
  • You can complete the set with a matching watch even though most brides prefer not to wear anything to show off their wedding rings.
  • Do not forget that you can always dare a touch of color also for jewelry. Match them to the color of the bouquetand your shoes.

By mixing different jewels, make sure they blend well, both in style and material. In any case, you know that we give you theoretical advice but the most important thing is that you are yourself, that you feel comfortable and perfect.

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