A Modern Guide To Men’s Bracelets

Men’s fashion is walking a fine line between too much and too little. This refers to amount, style, size, and boldness. There was a nice chunk of time, that Johnny Depp most likely ushered in, where men were loading their wrists with what seemed to be hundreds of bengals, necessary or not. Alongside this trend, rubber LiveStrong bracelets made a brief trendy appearance in the early 2000’s, and of course, the chunky gold or silver chain bracelet is a classic… however, all of these trends have come and gone and we have now entered an era of subtle detail in men’s fashion.

So without further ado, let’s just dive in to some modern ideas for men’s bracelets that walk the line between too much and too little, and leave you in the perfect center of that fine line.

A trend that has been around for a few years, but recently becoming a bit more common is making bracelets out of hardware like old school nails, railroad spikes, small wrenches, and nuts on bolts. This is a great bracelet that is perfect for that industrial and vintage outfit you’ve been trying to pair. Rather than just wearing a bland metal circle bengal, put on a bracelet that has a bit of context, a bit of history, a bit of an edge. A repurposed railroad spike is just unique enough that people will notice, but not so gaudy that it upstages the rest of what you’re wearing.

This next one you have to be careful with because if done improperly, you just end up looking like a sell out, BUT with the right prayer bead bracelet, you can really bring in a nice mystical air to any outfit. Prayer beads have gotten a bit played out recently and many companies are making them out of cheap plastic and stringing them together into a hodge podge of color and metal that looks chinsy and, to anyone who cares, is a far-cry form what they should be. But if you can find the right authentic looking set of prayer beads that don’t scream “I got these on Amazon in a pack of 15” you are in a good spot! Keep the colors neutral, no need to go bright and bold, they are meant to be an accent, not an advertisement for your favorite sports team.

Although there are many more, the final tip for a nice and subtle men’s bracelet is something with a natural finish. For a long time this role was filled with hemp bracelets, but the 70’s are behind us, and our technology has evolved enough that we are able to get much more precise with crafting wood and other natural materials. Some wooden bracelets can really add a special touch to any outfit. The best part is, every piece of wood has a unique grain like a fingerprint, and your bracelet if it is made of actual wood, will be completely one of a kind! Looks like Carved has even found a way to blend wood with leather and a touch of colored resin to create a masterpiece that gives you a bold pop of color surrounded in a natural wood finish.

Adorn your wrists in something that will be just enough to catch someone’s eye, but not something that completely takes over your whole look. Like anything else with fashion, all of this is just an opinion and you can take it or leave it, but I think it’s hard to argue that subtlety and precision in your accessory game will ever be the wrong way to go.

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