Some Flowers which are ideal for Valentines Day

When we talk about love, the first thing that comes in our mind is the flowers. Flowers speak the language of love which is serene in itself. With Valentine day fast approaching, the craze for flowers is increasing. In fact, online flower delivery is one of the most sought-after option nowadays owing to the hassle free way of getting flowers. People staying at faraway places, or those that are involved in their busy and hectic life, can easily use this option and get the desired flowers at their whims.

There are so many kinds of flowers that can be chosen; however, it is important to know their meanings so ensure that only the apt one is send, which sends across the right meaning to your beloved.

Here is a curated list of flowers that are most popular and can be easily gifted during Valentine’s Day, when people across the globe look ahead to send flowers for their valentines.

Traditional Roses:

Rose’s top the list of popular flowers since, rose has been signified as a symbol of love. Red roses clearly signify the bond of love, and a single one truly stands as symbol of proposal. However, there are other versions of roses which can be gifted. Here is a meaning of the various colors of roses:

  • Pink Roses -To convey your message that you are attracted towards someone, the best way to represent it by gifting pink roses. Online delivery of pink roses can be done through various online portals.
  • Yellow Roses – If you are afraid of jumping right to love, you can begin with friendship. Yellow roses expresses feeling of friendship which lays the foundation of love
  • Orange Roses – Orange is the color of passion, so orange roses express their passion for their loved ones. While selecting online flower delivery, go for orange roses in a bunch and surprise your loved ones.
  • White Roses – Want a break from all the fights that have been happening in the recent past, White roses are the sure way to do it. It represents peace and thus soothes down any fights

Refreshing Carnations:

A bloom which has a different kind of texture and comes with an added advantage of staying afresh for a long period of time is the carnations. They can be arranged in any floral arrangement (including heart shape), and can be presented to their beloved

Soothing Lilies:

Enunciating a calm and soothing aura, the lilies are truly amazing flowers that needs a mention when someone looks for delivering flowers. Lilies in any color can be gifted to assure your loved one that your relation is celebrating the soothing path together

Amazing Tulips:

If you are looking for something unique, tulips could be the ideal pick. Tulips have fervor of their own and when arranged in a design can look mesmerizing. Go for multi-color tulips that will bring a smile on anyone’s face. Tulips signify that the relation requires a little more time for spending with one another

With all these options, one can easily select a flower and send their message easily to their beloved.

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