Why is it Important to Always Look Put Together?

Sometimes you may miss out on opportunities depending on your appearance. Although you may not know it, people judge you subconsciously based on what you look like more than you say.

By putting yourself together, people will get a different perspective of you. It may also change their attitude towards you from negative to positive. Moreover, being well dressed reflects how organized you are and is also a sign that you hold yourself in high regard. Here is the importance of putting yourself together.

1.Improves your self-esteem

Physical appearance determines how you express yourself in public. When you look elegant and polished, you are more likely to express yourself comfortably and better than when you are unpresentable. Other people are also going to be keen on what you are trying to put across. That is because people pay more or less attention to you when communicating, depending on your appearance. They pre-judge what you have to say before they even hear you speak.

For instance, if you are wearing a tailored skirt suit with some dainty earrings and necklace, people will most likely assume that you hold a powerful position in an organization thus have something important to say. Lastly, looking polished makes you fit in among individuals from different races, social classes, and gender.

2.Helps you to build consistency

Your consistency in work, business, or studies is connected to your personal life. When you have an efficient dressing pattern, it is easier for you to be consistent in your daily activities. On the other hand, being disorganized and looking disheveled negatively affects your productivity, as it becomes a distraction.

Furthermore, being well-groomed plays a part in your career and education, especially in early planning. In the long run, neglecting your appearance may leave you with no time for your career planning, as you may become disillusioned.

3.Creates Credibility

Your organization plays a significant role in reflecting your image and your credibility. People who can’t take care of their dressing are unlikely to oversee another person’s business or property. Employers stay away from individuals who don’t look polished because it reflects negatively on the firm’s image.

If you cannot locate your pair of socks or cuff links, it will be more difficult to trace your employer’s or client’s details when needed. This detrimental trait easily disqualified you during job interviews. It may even cost you your job.

4.Facilitates a positive mind shift

Whenever you dress well, you subconsciously tell yourself that you matter. It also improves your self-image when you look at your polished reflection in the mirror. You could even get invited to a public meeting or a public gathering for a momentous occasion because of how you present yourself. Your self-esteem is boosted, and you become more open to networking with other individuals during such meetings.

Our dressing has more to say about our character. The better you dress, the higher your value. If you are struggling with self-doubt or not feeling worthy of having impostor-syndrome, dressing well will be a daily reminder of your self-worth and abilities.

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