Four wedding guest makeup ideas

Get the beach bronze look for summer shine

All eyes will be on the bride on the big day, but it’s just as important for wedding guests to look their best, as photographers will no doubt be snapping the entire party. It’s possible to create a stunning, flawless finish with a variety of looks.

The beach look is ideal for the summer months, and women tend to opt for makeup which is fresh, clean and minimal. Choose a primer, then apply a light foundation with a high sun protection factor and shimmering eye shadow with just a light sweep of blusher to give you the sun-kissed glow. Try curling your hair with tongs and letting it hang loose, or you can pin it up to show off your summery natural look.

Some couples tie the knot and hold a garden party in a countryside venue. Lightweight make-up is once again called for, so keep the foundation clean and fresh. Don’t forget to buy a quality foundation with a good sun protection factor to ensure your skin stays youthful. A rose coloured blush will lift your cheeks, but make sure not to overdo the bronzer. A botanical, floral scent will complement this look perfectly.

Ensure too, that you feel confident and sophisticated in your dress. An array of wedding guest dresses can be bought from a range of suppliers including According to the Evening Standard, the Royals have attended several weddings this year, turning heads in an array of sophisticated dresses.

Formal settings call for matte foundations

Converted barns are becoming increasingly popular as wedding venues, so this allows you to be adventurous with your dress and makeup. Opt for a light foundation, but accentuate the lips with red lipstick and maximise your eyebrows by having them shaped beforehand, then add definition to them. A spritz of woody scent like sandalwood will finish off your rustic barn look.

If you are a guest at a wedding with a more formal setting, go for the smudged under eye look, and finish your eyes with waterproof mascara and a gentle glossy lipstick in a muted colour. Keep a lip gloss in your handbag to add a touch of sheen if the colour starts to fade throughout the day. A matte foundation works best, as it’s more glamorous and less rustic and beach-based.

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