A detailed review about body piercing aftercare

After completed the body piercing, it is very important to keep your skin without infection and to keep correctly after piercing. Almost all the piercing artist will clean the equipment, clean the jewellery and clean the salon, but after piercing you walk out of the salon then cleanliness of your pierced wound is according to you.

In salon itself they tell some instructions to take care and here are some general tips to take care of good piercing aftercare. Always you should wash your hands before touching the pierced area in your body also avoid touching the body pierced area unnecessarily because it will introduce the unwanted bacteria. Apply sterile saline solution on the body as a part of the rejected piercing aftercare.

Proper body piercing aftercare

Body piercing aftercare is very important like tattoo aftercare, you should have some commitment, if you limp on your aftercare, it can cause some serious infections and it may lead to remove the jewellery you pierced. Nowadays, most of the piercers give the rejected piercing aftercare kit or offer several products like H2Ocean which is sterile and environmental safe. It also comes in the form of paste for tattoo aftercare and as spray form for piercing.

The items you need to follow is

  • Approved H2Ocean or other antimicrobial or anti-bacterial liquid soap should be used as rejected piercing aftercare. Don’t use dial or Neosporin because it may be too harsh.
  • Use cotton balls or swabs to clean the body piercing
  • Use these solutions in the small disposal cups
  • And use paper towels or clean towel when cleaning the rejected piercing aftercare.

When cleaning the piercing always you should clean your hands and wash your hands at least for 2 minutes and remember that don’t ever touch your piercing or the jewellery with dirty hands because it will cause infection due to bacteria. Always you need to saturate the pierced area with H2Ocean, if you use soap to saturate then use cotton swab or balls with warm water. Gently wipe out the dried blood or plasma around the piercing to avoid infection. Always should be gently move the piercing in and out to make sure it was cleaned thoroughly after this rinse the area with warm water and pat it with dry paper towel or with soft and clean towel on the rejected piercing aftercare.

Your piercer will tell you to soak the piercing in sea salt often, for that keep a small amount i.e. ½ of sea salt in the bottom of the disposal cup add hot water as hot as u can with stand with the salt. After this need to invert the cup right over the piercing and hold it for 5 to 6 minutes, this process typically works fine for the piercing such as nipple and navel. If it doesn’t work well then dip a cotton ball into the H2Ocean and hold it for 5 minutes on the piercing area, after this rinse pierce with warm water and pat it to dry remember don’t use table salt for cleaning the rejected piercing aftercare.

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