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Learn some tips to choose the best evening dresses

During the year, you receive more than one particular event invitation. A wedding, christening, graduation or a party are one of the events we like attending. The best thing about going to those meetings is that they help you eliminate the stress or workload that you have. However, the hard part of being invited to an event is the costume you will wear.

Finding a perfect dress for that day becomes one of your main tasks. It is true that today there is a wide variety of evening dresses. Different models, fabrics, an infinity of colors, short, long, there are many types of dresses that we find when we go shopping. Because of that, we do not know which to choose.

Remember that the most important thing is that you find an ideal dress for you, for your body type, for your skin tone, for your height and for your personality. Therefore, to help you, we have created the following article with tips that will help you with that dreamed evening dress.


One of the greatest things of the fashion industry is to create costumes for every kind of body. It is true that there are dresses we see and we fall in love immediately. However, maybe that dress is adorable, but it is not ideal for your figure. It is not the same to wear a tight dress if you have pronounced curves, to use it if you have a rectangular body. Therefore, here you have to know how to identify a dress that fits your figure and that enhances the most beautiful parts of your body.

There are different body types: the hourglass, the rectangular body, the triangle-shaped body, the inverted triangle body and the apple body.

– In the case of the hourglass body, its main characteristic is that it has the width of its shoulders in symmetry with the hips. Also, it has a very marked waist.

Perfect dress: mermaid cut dress, tight lace dress, open back dress, tube dress.

– In the case of the rectangular body, it does not present curves, and the waist goes unnoticed. It is a very straight body. An ideal dress for this body has to compensate for the inequality. So, wear light dresses that are not too tight around the waist. It has to be a dress that appears wide at the hips.

Perfect dress: ballgown dress, balling dress in layers.

  • – In the case of the body in the form of a triangle, the width of the shoulders is less than the width of the hips. Perfect dress: two-piece dress, tight lace dress.
  • – In the case of the body defined as an inverted triangle, the width of the shoulders is greater than the width of the hips. In this case, it is necessary to choose a dress that helps to see the hips wide and conceals the width of the shoulders. Perfect dress: two-piece dress, ballgown dress, flared dress.
  • – In the case of the body in the shape of an apple, the shoulders and hips are very wide. Also, the belly is very bulky. What you have to look for in a dress that avoids showing the waist. You need a light dress and plain colors. Perfect dress: dress with loose V-neckline style, straight cut dress.


Another of the great challenges when choosing the dress is how to combine the color of the dress according to the color of the skin. Knowing how to mix colors is an art. The color of the skin is one of the most critical factors that we have to take into account when choosing a suit since some tones favor us more than others. The fashion industry is divided into three shades: light tone, medium tone, and dark tone.

Light skin: for this skin tone best thing to do is to wear dark color dresses, as they highlight the skin. Among those colors, we find black, dark blue, red, silver and gold.

Medium skin: this skin tone is highlighted when you wear white, blue, light blue, black and beige.

Dark skin: the color that favors best your skin tone are the ones that give a contrast effect with your skin and others like fuchsia or green are also the perfect colors.

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