How to apply magnetic eyelashes for a stunning look?

Using magnetic eyelashes is not tricky. The best you can do is grasping the instructions given on the box. As each product is different from another, you need to abide by the directions stated on the product.

Steps To Follow

  • You could trim the lashes from their ends to get the perfect look. The trimmed magnetic lash fits perfect.
  • Apply some mascara to elevate the natural lash.
  • On the top eyelash, apply the Upper Magnetic Lash.
  • Similarly, place the lash under your natural lash.

The most satisfying part about magnetic eyelashes is that magnets help to secure the lashes on your lash. There is no mascara fuss associated with this. Some of the magnetic lashes appear with half lashes intensifying the outer corner. Then, tweezer can also come with lashes for applying. However, you can also apply them using your fingers. Well, amazingly, the upper lash gets pulled magnetically to the natural lash. There are many video tutorials available for you to watch to learn how to apply magnetic eyelashes easily.


An abundance of shades and tones


Avoid tacky fuss


Removing magnetic lashes is easy.



Avail magnetic eyelash in several shades to win the event. If you are looking to buy the best magnetic eyelashes, choose a brand that has excellent experience in the field of magnetic lashes. Watch out for brands who have great exposure in the field. They can help you to bring out the perfect catty eye look from lash extensions. They are easy to use and practice. These lashes are a great alternative to eyelash extension procedure carried out in salons. You need a few moments to apply the lashes. The process is hurt-free and causes no trouble.



Use magnetic lashes if you want to avoid a tacky jumble later on. In the beginning, you will have to practice putting and taking it off. There is no need to apply glueing and adhesive as such. Buy the magnetic lash kit from drama llama, which comes in the perfect and attractive packaging. Especially if you are a neophyte, it is best to buy Magnetic Eye Lashes. You can place it quickly as it forgives any uneven placing.




The way to placing away the magnetic lashes is simple. Just lift the top lash smoothly and pull, and do the equivalent with the lower lash. Drag the bottom lash down, and you are with your natural lash. Never pull magnetic lash in an upward direction as that can hurt them. Using your index finger and the thumb, you can slide the lashes apart easily

Cutting the long story

If you are craving for that fresh look you get from mascara, then magnetic lashes reveal a fresh look which is far more helpful than using mascara. Fellows will look at you noticing your appealing and gorgeous looks. Such lashes seem so natural that no one can make out they are fake.

Undeniably original! Yes! You got it correct. Magnetic lashes look undeniably natural and authentic. Drama llama provides the best beauty breakthrough solution. If you are too mindful of how you look, add magnetic false eyelashes to your regular eyelashes to see the difference it makes.

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